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antwerp - belgium

Living in Flanders, working as a consultant, enjoying photography... Not trying to develop a particular area of focus, but rather exploring a potpourri of fields that appeal to me. 
Landscape photos: often the result of hikes and treks, and at times shot with suboptimal equipment like a point & shoot camera or a cell phone (or even an APS or throw away camera). Of course, this impacts dynamic range, noise and sharpness, but I enjoy working in post, and Lightroom and Topaz often manage to bring back that extra bit of luster. 
Street and city photos: a mixed bag really: some people, some buildings, some color, some B&W, some shot with point & shoot, others with M4/3 or full frame. I own quite the little hoard of vintage lenses, and I will use them here: Canon FD lenses and Soviet lenses of the Helios, Industar, Jupiter and Tair range. 
Macro photos: mostly taken within a 10 km radius of our home in Antwerp, often just in our garden. I use a lightweight M4/3 set-up: Olympus M4/3 camera and lenses, Laowa 50mm macro lens, Meike flash, fan diffuser - everything in full manual mode. No tripod: all shots are hand held. My workflow takes me through Photoshop and Camera Raw, then on to Topaz, with a final touch up in Lightroom. If I focus stack at all, I tend to keep it limited, using a Photoshop script with just a few shots for the areas around the eyes. All pictures are field shots/stacks and show live animals in the wild, so no dead, frozen or mounted collection specimens. For field identification, I use Obsidentify plus some books. 
Nature photos: animals, birds, plants, flowers. An area of occasional activity, and I find the subject a good match for the vintage lenses.

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